egyptian french company (EIFFEL)

authorization number : 109233 , the exculsive partner for ETIT

The only company licensed by NTRA as the first company in Egypt to provide automated tracking service and AVL management at standard quality according to European standards to cover all needs of individuals or companies of all sizes and forms

1- Eiffel is pleased to offer its customers, individuals and companies the installation of tracking devices in cash and installment and the following prices of tracking devices (GPS)

2 - For cars and microbuses: ETIT-LV tracking device for 2200 pounds including installation expenses and all taxes and charges and VAT on sales and stamp duty

3 - For vehicles Transport and heavy equipment: ETIT_HV tracking device for 2800 pounds inclusive of expenses and stamp duty and all taxes and duties and VAT on sales and stamp duty

4- The cost of installation shall vary in the case of installation at the customer's premises and shall be determined after coordination with the company's installation officials

Who is ETIT?

The Egyptian Company for Tracking and Information Technology (ETIT), is the only government company and the only company that has an AVL license.

Which has a two-year tracking license

Government shares as follows:

  • Military Intelligence (43%)
  • General Intelligence (30%)
  • Ministry of Interior (25%)
  • Telecom Egypt (2%)

What is an AVL?

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is the device that uses GPS to enable businesses to remotely locate and track their vehicles remotely using the Internet.

These devices combine GPS technology, cellular communication, street-level mapping, and intuitive user interface, with the goal of fleet management and customer service improvement

For example, a company using an AVL is a company that is able to determine latitude and longitude, speed and direction of a particular vehicle

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of a network of 24 orbit satellites developed by the US Department of Defense

The use of GPS was limited to military applications, but as of 1980, the government had introduced the system for civilian use

GPS operates in any climatic conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. There are no subscription fees or setup fees for using the GPS system.

what is a tracking device?

Is a small electronic equipment that collects and transfers all the data of containers, cars and even people through the GPS device, where the device transfers data about the car as it happens through the sensors attached to it (according to the desire of the user)

What is tracking by CELL ID TRIANGULATION?

Is the positioning system through the coordinates of the sites of the nearest 3 networks (network triangulation) and is the method of locating alternative when there is no indication of the GPS (GPS)

In this case, the information on the coordinates of the nearest mobile networks in the field is known as the location along with the strength of the signal, which can be used to determine (approximate) the location of the transmitter